Inexperienced Reader

The reading is that one that participates for the most part of the situations. In the pertaining to school context it has primordial importance, because the statements and the proposals of work are transmitted in writing. The inexperienced readers are pupils being the 10 15 years and have certain difficulties in the reading, know to read, but definitive situations do not know to adapt them it and the lack of referenciais and literal knowledge constitutes one of the root causes. Meyer and Frederiksen consider that the mental product is an image of the direction and for this will be necessary two types of memory: work memory that in the long run stores the elements for an limited time and the memory, is stored the knowledge to be conserved. The focalizao in these memories allows us to understand the reasons of the blockade of the reading.

In the practical one of the reading it is important that the reader/pupil is not receiving liabilities that certainly are unaware of, but that it cooperates with the professor and the other pupils. The interactive reading happens when the recognition of the elements of the code exists and projection of the knowledge of the reader on the text. The professor will have to supply to the half pupils of construction the written understanding, having in account the possibilities and capacity of the reading pupil/so that its reading if becomes efficient. If a reading line, the reading pupil was not proposal to the pupil/, when reading, goes stopping systematically in each unknown word for it, what it entered the possibilities of global understanding of the text. Stimulating an initial reading of a workmanship, the pupil looks for to follow with more attention and pleasure to the narrative and its construction. After the reading of the texts, he is indispensable to encourage the reading pupil/to participate in the interpretativo process. The reading process favors imaginary and the creativity, the pupil will be able to invent history or to modify it, becoming co-writer of the same one.

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