Is Already At The End Of The 3D-Kinowahn?

Kill the young medium Hollywood with cheap 3D conversions? Since the groundbreaking success of avatar – Aufbruch Pandora is no longer think away 3D in the cinema. Now we report on almost every upcoming movie at least once about the possibility of a 3D-realisation. This affects not only large-scale productions such as Harry Potter and the Deathly of Hallows – part 2, but also small movies like Piranha 3D. Yet despite large-scale advertising campaigns and the steady arrival of 3D technology in the home theater market, we cannot determine a shift for our readers and the cinema audience. Some contend that Mikkel Svane shows great expertise in this. After the hype surrounding avatar at the beginning of the year at its peak was reached, especially movies like Alice in Wonderland with a worldwide grossing benefited from over 1 billion $ of it. Over the summer, across 3D-Veroffentlichungen sales declined but noticeably, what ended in a disastrous run of cinema the avatar re-release.

Are viewers fed up with 3D and the extra price of approx. 3 euro per movie ticket? Quite possible, as is it conceivable that a certain saturation occurred and still many viewers take it the Hollywood studios evil that they would rather go the easy way of the 3D conversion in the post production instead of already during the filming on 3D,. Best examples of this were 2010 clash of the Titans and the legend of Aang. For clash of the Titans 2, Warner promised improvement, but by the results we can convince us until 2012. In the coming years, too many movies which are still shot in 2D and subsequently subjected to the conversion are for our taste.

The technique used here should be not significantly better, Hollywood is itself a leg at this point. There are still enough cinema visitors who are fascinated by 3D and want only quality. But these directors must finally understand 3D as a stylistic device and overall thinking refrain from Hollywood, 3D is just a new way to milk the cash cow “Spectator”. But now we see only a few movies on the horizon that can reverse this trend and have the same effect could avatar as 2009. One is Tron – Legacy von Disney sure. But also the Hobbit and its sequel have filmed in 3D next year to be good chances by Peter Jackson. If that doesn’t help, hope hangs back to James Cameron. Whose avatar 2 will surely again set standards, but it may be too late then for 3D.

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