On Mobile Phones In Russia

The history of the emergence of mobile phones in the Russian market comes from the days of 90-s years of last century. To say a bit more accurate, the author of these articles point out that they began to sell in the trade network in the 1995. (Source: Dell). Cell phones were sold in large supermarket special section, which this time was called "Yunikor." At that time the phone had minimal set of functions, ie, the owner could accept calls as well as call esetelefono. His body was black, was made of hard plastic and represented as if the "soap." But their mobile phones functions at that time were worth very expensive. For example, in 1995 the price of the mobile device was approximately the equivalent of $ 1,500.

That is, they were able to buy cell phones only the richest people in all. In Russia, these people called "new Russians" and call today (although rare). There was even a joke: "In Moscow the city museum of history of the country" new Russian "with the group is listening to the guide. At that time your phone rings. "The new Russian" take your mobile phone and sits on the chair is at your side. The caretaker of the museum says he AMay You do! Is the chair of Ekaterina II! I'm not spoiled. If you enter or Third necessarily I will rise. "By this he meant that at that time had only cell phones richest person.

Mobile phones today. Yperen today the inhabitant of Russia has the opportunity to acquire these phones? Now, not only in Moscow, which is considered the state within another state, because the capital impeaching the richest people in Russia, but also in other Russian cities have mobile phones most of the population. I do not I remember the exact statistics but remember only what the cell phone in Russia are over 50% of Russians. This is not surprising, because now their prices have dropped to a level accessible to every resident Russian worker. For example, cell phones in Russia are worth only 3000 rubles (equivalent to $ 120). AEs pretty cheap, it's true! That he is the model that has expired, but this phone meets their core functions. yCuales functions have mobile phones present time? Today mobile phones are used not only for their main destination. With its help you can get Internet and go to pages and sites on the Internet (WWW). Besides that they have numerous functions. But I will not tell you about them because that article is not intended for that.

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