Latin American

The logic of these foreign organizations that they look for to limit the level of risky operations mainly ties to the strategy to move away the name of the organization of any possibility of stress situations. They imagine if an organization X that was affected by the toxic assets saw involved in the short term with a problematic situation in some of its units of smaller businesses, the impact than it can get to have in the set of the organization. It is not a risk that is justified. One of the organizations that have decided to reduce its operations of risk is the BNP Paribas. In Argentina, the branch of the BNP Paribas has the sale poster although to its they deny it authorities. There are three international organizations that struggle by the business of the BNP and that is the Ita Unibanco (BVSP: ITUB3; NYSE: ITUB), HSBC (NYSE: HBC) and the Standard Bank (PINK: SBGOY). The BNP Paribas does not make this decision to be in a problematic situation. Far from it, the organization at global level managed to be in first half of the year, the second European organization of majors gains, with a positive result of 3,162 million Euros.

Its Argentine branch, that counts on 17 branches and 29 automatic tellers, has even obtained in the first trimester of the year, a utility of US$ 4.9 million. While some organizations as the BNP reduces their risky operations to world-wide level, the Brazilian bank is growing with force and inside lives a process on acquisitions and fusions doors, aiming secondly with advancing towards the internationalization of the organizations, at first, at regional level. The Ita Unibanco, second Latin American bank and eighth in all the continent, with assets by US$ 305,600 million, are looking for to deepen their growth in the countries of the region and are for that reason that has shown the mentioned interest by the assets of the BNP in Argentina.

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