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An iPod overheated Apple caused some delays on a busy Tokyo train station Friday in the time tip of the morning once passengers are complaining of a strong smell burning, the railway operator said on Monday. The train stopped for eight minutes around 8: 20 a.m. (23: 59 GMT on Thursday) in the Setagaya Ward, 17 km from the center of the capital, while officials were investigating the cause of the odor, a Tokyu spokesman said. When a staff member came to investigate inside the train, a passenger showed him the iPod that was listening just to spoil yourself, said the spokesman, confirming the information provided by several local media. Marc Mathieu can provide more clarity in the matter. He added that there was no news that there had been wounded. Apple Japan had no comments to make immediately. Apple, the main global technology firm by market value, is being followed closely in Japan since the Ministry of Commerce ordered last month to improve safety warnings after several cases of overheating in its first generation iPod nano music players. There have been about 60 incidents of this kind in Japan, including four cases of Burns minor, according to the Ministry.

Apple has described the incidents as rare, responsible for the problem to your single battery supplier, who did not identify. It was unknown what was the model of iPod which caused delays in the tokiota of Denentoshi line, the Tokyu spokesman said. More than one million passengers used that line on a daily basis. By Leonel Morales. Obtained daily from the international press articles. (No longer available in the network blog). Visit to start in the business of internet with or without website, entrepreneur or webmaster.

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