Network Marketing

As in all areas of human intervention, the Network Marketing (Network Marketing) is also governed by the “Principle of Natural Selection.” Principle by which each slight variation of a trait, if useful, is preserved “. The concept is simple but powerful: individuals best adapted to their environment are more likely to survive and reproduce. While there are some variations between them, there will be an inevitable selection of individuals (their systems, methods and techniques) * with more favorable changes (1). The prevailing concept is not that the media is responsible for selecting the strongest, but rather, the specimens showing better adaptation and subsequent development of functions under this, since they will survive over others for a reasonable time. The next question is, how long should yCada conversion factor evaluated in this era of growth superacelerados?,

Every year, every month, every day, every Time The fact is that, second to second firm notes that the adaptations of previous minutes have been put in terms of “obsolete” by the maelstrom of mass media and the speed at which the changes arise today. And despite not knowing it all quite inevitably are subject to this principle, the know can get in a position to consider that what we are doing to “Staying on top of the market,” really starts to fall moments after reaching the top . This is a constant swirl of millions of ideas generated by brilliant minds in their fields, which together push the rapid development of each of the concepts, forms and theories of the stages of Marketing.Renovarse Network or die, never before had so much relevant as today. This is really what is happening in every home, office, internet cafe, every chat room, in each of the billions of pages that are “competing” for having the first place in our current screen Montagner Berra comunicacion.Gerardo media .* Note autor.1 aggregate).. Swarmed by offers, is currently assessing future choices.

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