LLC Solutions

The Colombian economy continues to impress the world in difficult times, increasingly being more attractive. Furthermore, we believe that the Colombian market is still little attended. Peter Asaro often addresses the matter in his writings. The majority of international solutions are not adapting their products to the specific needs of its customers in Colombia and most of the local solutions lack the depth and quality of our solution. ker. This gives us a unique opportunity. Charles Luke, CEO / founder even though the majority of regions of the world have been the reduction of its GDP in 2009, Colombia experienced a slight increase and much higher in previous years. The majority of software companies participating in the markets of South America through partnership agreements, while otalento plans to open a local office in Bogota in 2011.

The initial strategy of otalento includes the creation of alliances already established with human resource management consulting firms in major cities, as well as the use of direct sales channels. Also, expect that the cost savings of a model along with your solution flexible and scalable on-demand, will make the otalento solution is more attractive in a market where the proposal price is even more critical for success. otalento offers solutions, by demand, management of human resources including employees of data management, evaluations of employee performance, and opinions of organizational climate, among other solutions. otalento focuses on businesses that require specific customizations at a low cost.

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