Making Money On The Internet

First of all let’s look at some interesting statistics: In 2008, online advertising grew 86% despite the crisis in Mexico. And for 2009 and 2010 is expected to grow by +15%. In Mexico, 46% of the market “On-Line has purchased over the Internet. The Internet is the most preferred by more than 27 million users in Mexico. 33% or more of the advertising investment will be invested in the Internet market in Mexico. Total sales via the internet, for 2010 are estimated at about $ 5,000 million pesos, in Mexico alone. 93% of Internet connections are broadband and growing.

In 1998, large foreign investors and had their eyes fixed on the Internet, in many cases abandoning the traditional areas of business, and by 2003 sales reached U.S. $ 8 billion in Latin America.? In reality, few businesses today can offer a return as that offered those connected to the network of networks. After hearing these statistics, yPodemos exploit the Internet as a source of income for us? yQue reliable is buying online? Well, the Internet is and represents a huge global market for companies offering their products and services by such means, and also need to guard against cyber fraud, although there are arrangements to inform the public as well as computer systems that detect intruders sneak unwanted. It never hurts to learn, ask and know before you buy. There is also difference between the Latino market, and American and European market. Latinos are less accustomed to buying online, hence the North American market, and is much larger European. Internet businesses are and represent big business in Latin America now is being or as an alternative for thousands of people who are looking for an opportunity.

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