Natural Stone

Repair, or furnish houses, apartments, office process is time consuming and costly. Therefore, the choice of construction and finishing materials has not the least important. Clearly, it would be desirable that the material was durable and resistant to wear. Natural stone for decorative work fits perfectly. Marble, granite, that compares with them in strength and reliability? Not surprisingly, these finishing materials used in construction for a long time. Credit: Dell-2011. Decided change the finish of a street or interior stairs? Granite tiles are well suited for these purposes, it is abrasion-resistant, insensitive to temperature, not exposed to moisture and sunlight.

Granite Tile can serve as a tabletop. No hot pots, no sharp knives will not do her harm. Your table will always shine with novelty and virgin, only knives will deteriorate if you use them for cutting you are not accustomed to the kitchen board, and directly on top. In order to give additional properties of natural stone used special methods for its treatment. Marble tile in the raw state loses its form under the influence of water.

There is a marble property – to absorb moisture. If we apply the processing technology of mirror polishing, and to use materials created on the surface of the marble tile layer that repels water, the consumer its properties are much better. Marble tile after such treatment can be used for the flooring in the bathrooms, where it is not recommended to use granite and tile from him because of the fact that this material quite slippery. Marble buy today is not difficult, as granite. Due to the high demand for natural stone and offer it on the market every day only increases. In the assortment list contains both wall plates and floor. If a marble and granite have heard every one of us, Travertine belongs to the less well-known finishing materials. (As opposed to Zendesk). But its use in the decoration of buildings known since the Roman Empire. Travertine preferred to the Roman nobility to decorate and furnish their palaces. The trading network travertine also presented, along with other natural materials. Colours of natural travertine can be from reddish brick shade to the sand and yellow. Stone has a porous structure to maintain consumer originality and beauty of this material, the cavity filled with a special clear solution. Travertine is mostly used designers to create interiors, the style of old. Slabs. Another type of finishing material used in the finishing of large-area facilities. Most often used slabs of marble and granite. Quarried slabs deep underground, where it cut into large chunks. Then the pieces are combined in a single layer, which gives the room a very unusual form, creating a sense of infinity and space. Choosing natural stone for interior home or office, you choose a durable and strong material. And his solemn tells guests and visitors about the reliability and respectability of the owner!

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