National Territory

MP, councilor or mayor for the remainder of the period for which it was chosen. TRANSITIONAL CLAUSE 1o. The political parties and movements with legal now recognized and represented in Congress, such personality kept until the next congressional elections are completed after the enactment of this legislation, whose results depend on the retention in accordance with the rules set forth in the Constitution. For the purpose of participating in any of the choices made from the entry into force of the Reformation until the next congressional elections, political parties and movements represented in the Congress may be grouped together provided they meet the voting requirements prescribed in the this reform to obtain the legal status of political parties and movements and obtain legal status that will replace those who are grouped together. The new grouping so formed shall enjoy the benefits and perform the obligations enshrined in the Constitution for political parties and political movements in electoral matters. TRANSITIONAL CLAUSE 2nd. A plural number of Senators and Representatives to the House, whose sum of votes in the last congressional elections have gotten more than two percent (2%) of the valid votes cast to do Sena of the Republic in the National Territory, may apply recognition of the legal status of party or political movement.

This rule shall apply for three (3) months from its promulgation. (Article amended by Legislative Act No. 1 of 2003) Article 109. The State will concur with the funding of political parties and movements with legal status, in accordance with the law.

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