The Sciences Of Man

Let's try to answer some questions in the context of one of the sciences of man, which we will call only at the end: Who is man? Man is a spiritual being, personified in the body. Creation that the Creator created, in order that it has experienced pleasure, and from which, in turn, feels the Creator naslazhdenie.KTO THIS CREATOR? The beginning and end of everything. The one who created everything. The program lives. God.

Nature. Subconscious. He has a lot of imen.ChTO IS GOAL LIFE? To live, getting udovolstvie.ChTO IS selfishness? Human desire to enjoy for yourself. Pleasure is essentially spiritual. We get the illusion of pleasure through the materialization of the shell of various items. Y different people – different shell. Someone needs to enjoy diamonds, someone missing and a bottle piva.ChTO IS altruism? Unselfish assistance in obtaining other pleasures. Creator absolutely altruistichen.

That a man could know it, it must be close to it in properties. In the spiritual world there is no distance, intimacy is achieved by similarity of properties. So they should be altruistom.ChTO WAS IN THE BEGINNING? First there was one soul (Adam?) When she was tempted by pleasure knowing the next level without sufficient preparation (apple?) Was born selfish, so big that it fell from that world that existed (Eden?) And broke into many souls – lyudey.ESchE TIMES – WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF LIFE? Correct their selfish to altruistic condition. Enjoy altruistic actions. With altruism, to unite with other souls, to restore Primary soul – Adam.

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