Need No Thought Control

Internet is a sprawling and google your product more efficiently. The classical thinkers established that the libido in humans three components: knowledge, domain, and the senses and sensations. In the Enlightenment, the cry of the highest opinion governs the world, the strategy was established to reflect on the accumulated wisdom, make a practice of communication, and determine the public use of the information. Athena, Zeus and Eros have become humanized deities appetite of mortals because of the Internet has made it possible to realize our universal aspirations v, and google has become our particular Aladdin's lamp that grants us with the three search engines desires. The Encyclopedists of eighteen have found in this way, the proper course in the global village. We have the scope of a clip, power, information and capacity to the satisfaction of sensual pleasures. Rousseau said that if the imperfect man as could be self-sufficient, what would enjoy as us? And would only be unhappy.

Therefore pleased to be shared as befits the social animal within us and that is why fed back all our disquiet at the computer screen. The problem of the phenomenon is in excess of information, service and ability to propagate evil, that as a human product, nothing is foreign. The Library of Alexandria on the internet has become, needs to provide its particular Ariadne to Theseus the ball within us every time we go in this great labyrinth that is the network, to defeat the Minotaur and tried to achieve success. Google, however, can not officiate in Ariadne. Jupiter acts as Vulcan, providing an ax in the head to engender Minerva owl navigate and that turned into gps. This leads us and provides what the user seeks, but choose not to trace our routes. Each must find its strategy to circumvent the wall, we do not need no education, We Do not Need No Thought Control. We marked the Pink Floyd pattern: teachers, leave them kids alone. And when ordering wishes to the genie of the lamp, I am inclined to strengthen the Internet as an expression of freedom, with an open architecture and difficult to control for the enemies of freedom, fighting against child pornography and encourage the dissemination of ideas make them useful members of society.

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