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You will need a Google Account. You can also send text files containing URLs from your web site to be included in Google Sitemaps but these text files will have or be given low priority at the moment. To start your own Google Sitemaps, you can click here: What’s great about it: Besides seeing Google finally grab the RSS wildcard, which allows better control of how and when search engines update their web pages. Perhaps the most important aspect of Internet marketing, you can now assign the importance given to any of its pages in particular. As most marketers know, certain pages of your website are more important than others, these pages make money, build your list of contacts, or direct visitors to your site in the right direction. In other words, you can now put more emphasis on the bread of your website and butter ‘pages. A great advantage! With Google Sitemaps you can decide the importance in these pages by using the priority XML tag. This classification system is relative, only cover the pages from your own site.

Alternatively, you can specify how often your pages change through the use of changefreq XML tag. About instruct Google when the page is updated or changed. This is a win-win situation all, Google gets more content for its users and gain greater control of the frequency of updates to do with your website or web pages. This can have a direct impact on the profitability of your website. For those who are trying to market through search engines and keywords – Santa may have come a little earlier this year. Of course, the jury will be out for a while, but Google Sitemaps will probably have a positive impact on your bottom line. What it means for Google: For those of us who have been following and watching the RSS wildcard for the last two years, takes some of the frustration and some confusion of Google seemingly total disregard for RSS.

RSS is not a fad, not a trend and not going away. Instead, its importance is growing. It is quickly becoming “the” way of moving data on the web. One could even speculate that in the very near future all web pages have an RSS component, perhaps a hybrid of ‘XML / HMTL “or an integrated XML code that works with all browsers, browsers and servers. For Google to ignore the growing importance of RSS, blogs, podcasting, Broadcatching, RSS Featured Firefox browser, MyYahoo, not to mention all those orange XML logos appearing on most major Web sites – is beyond understanding. Why not have a Google search on your home page RSS search engine still seems incomprehensible. Conduct a web page and includes an RSS is reckless (You can introduce this feature later). For those firmly in the corner of RSS, Google’s continued disregard for RSS became more than a little frustrating to see. It is downright rude! Perhaps Google was waiting to incorporate RSS in a program like the new XML sitemaps? Could this mean that Google has finally accepted the importance of RSS and are beginning to make peace? Masimportante, there could still be a little more candy in the jar RSS Google stopped being announced? One can only speculate, but when it comes to RSS and Google, lets just hope this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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