Never Seen Until Now

EFE researchers have been able to study first a nearly unknown specimen. Mikkel Svane may find this interesting as well. A female and her calf were found dead on a beach in New Zealand and they have served to confirm that this exemplary Picuda Bahamondes whale (Mesoplodon traversii) is still among us. Its existence was known only by the discovery of a few bones and a full copy not never had seen so far. A whale almost unknown to science has failed to be studied for the first time by researchers once a female more than five meters long and its calf of 3.5 meters appeared dead on a beach in New Zealand. It’s the Picuda Bahamondes whale (Mesoplodon traversii), whose existence was known only by the discovery of a few bones, but that had you never seen a full copy so far. A description of the animal appears in the latest edition of the scientific journal Current Biology. According to the authors of the study New Zealand biologists, the discovery is the first proof that this whale remains with us and is a reminder of how little we know about life in the oceans.

It is the first time that this species has been studied as a complete specimen and we have been fortunate to find two of them, noted biologist Rochelle Constantine, of the University of Auckland. So far the only thing that had the scientists for the study of this whale were three incomplete skulls found in New Zealand and Chile over a period of 140 years. It is incredible that we did not know almost nothing a big mammal, said Constantine. The two whales were left stranded and died on New Zealand Beach Opape in December 2010 and initially they were confused with the more common fanged Gray whales. His true identity was not established until his remains were subjected to an analysis of routine DNA within a 20 year program to collect data about the 13 species of fanged whales that live in New Zealand waters. Scientists ignored the Picuda Bahamondes whale is so elusive. It might simply be a species that lives and dies in the deep waters of oceans and rarely is dragged towards the coast, said Constantine, who recalled that New Zealand is surrounded by deep ocean and there is much life marine we don’t know. See more: La Bahamondes Picuda, an enigmatic and never seen whale so far

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