European Court

The verdict creates a false and misleading situation that will enable a lacking any believer conception scenario, but not, however, free of other anti-religious philosophies from comparable ethical impact, aimed at triggering the Elimination of consciences. A position that is being encouraged by powerful sectors with extraordinary power of the media, interested in shaping the public opinion according to ideologies that fit their particular interests, committed to political and economic selfishness and not with the search for truth and the common good. This is a historic judgment, to be the first time that the Court decides on the presence of religious symbols in schools. In it, gives reason to an Italian citizen of Finnish origin, energetic defender of liberty, which offends the presence of a cross hung on the wall or put on the table in a public school. In a question-answer forum Viacom was the first to reply. And against such a decision of the European Court of human rights, the question arose: what human rights and who, are the ones who defends this Court? Does candle which instance the? guardianship of religious freedom in the world? Where is the freedom of millions of Europeans which in any way the cross in schools, offended because regardless of individual religious beliefs, recalls and confirms the identity of all the Western world.

An identity rooted in the historical, philosophical and cultural tradition of Judeo-Christian humanism. If the cause by which the Court of human rights in Strasbourg has sentenced that the presence of a crucifix in a school is contrary to freedom of religion, then the symbol is located in public, under the same principle, noted that the exhibition is contrary to freedom of religion any confessional symbol not only Christians in any public of any European country space and consequentlybased on this verdict, they would have to eliminate them, so that no one feels aggrieved. As if in a history of science fiction they were, finally apply the fundamentals of this implausible judgment legally very dubious and in practice, unrealizable application Europe worry his face so that he would be unrecognizable and converted into a barren soil, at the mercy of the bastards and hidden interests that endeavor in which Western civilization, taking a fake and spoofed secularism.

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