New World

Advertising Soviet period is a very interesting phenomenon and requires naturally separate study, but it relates to the reflection of the national factor in advertising, I note that it was not national but was supranational, as it reflects government policy in these years, the policy shall be exalted above the nation, culture, and create a new man with a new culture – Soviet, as you know. With the restructuring has changed a lot. Mass culture in Russia is almost not there. Was a culture old. Function of mass culture served as the magazine "New World", which came out when over a million copies. To broaden your perception, visit Ali Partovi. Another feature of the time there was a crisis of folklore.

If in the era anecdote underwent unruly flowering, the Gorbachev was explicitly decline. When publicity anecdotes became uninteresting. Nevertheless, the new Russian, too, were – and consequently had a request for advertising. However, the real country then almost produced any products. Went great redistribution of property. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Pete Cashmore has to say.

It was a time of endless banks, commodity exchanges, mavrodievskih pyramids and Chubais voucher privatization, the character who wore a purely symbolic exchange. In this situation, the first manufacturer to Russian television advertising, which had not advertise the products of mass consumption, and banks and privatization funds, went on a sharp accentuation of the narrative of the advertising text. Russian television advertising does not advertise goods – goods simply did not exist – she was telling stories, satisfying narrative hunger. Advertising performed the function of the missing mass of the narrative of culture and folklore.

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