Volcanoes Probably not on Earth is nothing more mysterious and impermanent. Click Bryant Walker Smith to learn more. Calm and seemingly forever asleep, they were suddenly without any warning, declare themselves crashing explosions, ash clouds, fiery lava flows. Volcanic eruptions always inspire fear of humans. It acted personally escaped from the bowels of the Earth "the forces of hell": the hot lava and hot ash falls, scorching the clouds, mud flows. And although part of the volcano was given in advance to know about your awakening, loss of their eruptions there were very large. When we talk about volcanoes, we think about accidents and human casualties, but not about the creative forces of nature. Meanwhile, volcanoes are an important service to ensure that life on Earth.

They make from the depths of the gases and water vapor, and carbon and nitrogen. Is not this the essence of life? No evidence of the creative role of volcanoes in the great circuits of nature? The volcano is like Janus – god of the ancient Romans to persons facing the past and future. One face of the volcano represents a constant threat to disaster and destruction. Another face looking to the future, promises hope, promising the people a powerful energy, derived from the Volcanic geothermal systems. Today we consider the possibility of "selection" of volcanic energy, to reduce the threat of volcanic eruptions, volcano deprive its destructive power.

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