Pizzas, never more this is the softer sentence that came out through my mouth a few days ago. From there, it is not playable. You can ask: what have to do Pizzas with a desire to sell more? Continue reading and you will find out. Mashable understood the implications. Let me that you insert into the situation: my family and I have the habit of ordering a pizza at home and spend the Friday night talking, laughing and watching a little TV while we zampamos we turn pizza. We have been doing the same for some years and traditionally take care our pizza at the same site.

If you do the calculations (several years by many Friday) they will come out a lot of Pizzas. The surprising thing about the case is that home delivery of Pizzas has achieved this level of fidelity without doing virtually nothing. I.e. not has launched any action targeted marketing aimed at winning the loyalty of its clients or something (beyond the typical generic promotions for everyone). Has certainly been able to leverage its situation seudomonopolistica in the area (there is very little competition) to continue to sell without a great effort. Back to the story.

The other day asked, as usual, our Pizza every Friday. And, in the usual manner, we did not have any special by consumers faithful week-after-week treatment. Also, on this occasion, as in some other, forgot the sauce barbecue that we commissioned with the mythical chicken wings. Anybody knows that some without barbeque sauce chicken wings are not chicken wings, they are another thing, but they are certainly not chicken wings. Finally, pass that do not have any special treatment to customers who we have consumed tons of pepperoni; pass that we have to repeat our order every week when we have not changed a whit the ingredients of the pizza, pass that we are we have to remind the promotion which are in force at that time, pass, but where I will not pass by continue giving my money (which costs us so much win to) everyone) to a company that shows such contempt for their customers that is not capable of serving or what you have asked.

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