Raquel Valena

Still thus, many parents and fear it to professors. One of the reasons of the fear is related to myths spread out on aspects of the variety of the Internet that could negative influence the education of the norm standard, as the proliferation of abbreviations and the use of semioses. The proliferation of abbreviations, characteristic today common to the varieties of virtual environments, already happened in other historical periods, more specifically, in the Average Age, also motivated for decurrent pressures of the technology of the time. Before the invention of the press, the work of spreading and reproduction of the knowledge were made for monges copistas, in the medieval monasteries. The arduous task of the copy made with that the habit of the abbreviations was developed. It had not treated or convention prevailing the abbreviations; they were decurrent of the intuition of the copista, and therefore, 0 variable.

Such diacrnicas evidences they are pointed by the filloga Raquel Valena. With regard to the Internet and education, it can be made two constataes: (1) the young today reads each time more because of the Internet; (2) the young also writes each time more because of the Internet. Which the paper of the professor of Portuguese language, ahead of this picture, since the reading and the writing are being stimulated for the technological innovations? The reply it can be atrelada to the relation between the linguistic varieties and the literal sorts. The field of the research of the emergent literal sorts in the new context of interaction still was little explored. New sorts appear, others are adapted, each one with its linguistic peculiarities. The school is responsible for the correlation between the norm and the use of the language, adjusted to the discursivos, new or emergent sorts. SUGGESTION OF ACTIVITY WITH the USE OF the ORKUT AND the MSN IN PORTUGUESE LANGUAGE the professor will allow that in the laboratory of computer science of the school, the pupils ' ' they open its respective orkuts and msns' ' that sends messages its friends (messages), similar of that if it observes the linguistic structure of which is if using to communicate itself in this dialogue.

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