Science History

I left the space-time fabric, so that it is at the imaginary absolute rest and looked up at him from above; and I saw how the universe was expanding. From there I measured the time of the universe, and I saw that this same universe traveling forward, their own future, since I was on bed rest, and didn’t have neither past nor future, only lived a present, since my time was infinite. This type of sentence is an example of the thinking that the writers of science fiction hard still in his stories, creating rational but fictitious situations. Scientists, on the other hand, create rational but real situations. And I say real in quotes because, let’s be honest, we have no idea where we are or by that we are, or where we came from or where we are going. By that somehow all scientific theories, all phenomena that we see and perceive, and all the explanations given by man throughout history, were and are created by another universe I believe more complicated: the human mind. Then not We can talk about real events. The best sense which we use to perceive things is the vision.

Before Maxwell predigiera the existence of electromagnetic waves, the world and the thought of the man was totally different. Eye instrument that mediates and it was detected visible phenomena. How we see things and that it would have happened if our eye, rather than perceive visible light, detect, for example, of x-ray? Surely history would change from what we know it. Even, maybe some known physical laws do not have unearthed; or we would have formulated laws that do not exist in our history. But I restrict me to this vision and I devojkuxtc in the time of man. Okay if we say: since its appearance in the universe, man has tried to decipher and give birth to the hidden laws of the world that surrounds it.

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