Copywriting Science

We can observe that the term Copywriting is found in the English language, however, this term has spread so much that it has been accepted and understood in the Hispanic world, in a wide expanse of its meaning. From a literal approach, Copywriting means commercial or advertising copywriting, but, from an approach to the exercise of the activity, considered this as a profession or recurrent practice, Copywriting goes far beyond this simple definition, since, from this perspective the Copywriting applies to the publication of headers, articles, slogans or mottos, sales letters, brochures, scripts of radio or television and even more recentlyweb pages and blogs. According to the famous copywriter (Copywriter: who practices the Copywriting), Bruce Bendinger, Copywriting is a job. A profession of skill. Verbal carpentry. Words on paper.

And one more thing, sales. Wonderful don’t you think? Let’s look at the rich mix of elements that this author includes in its definition, as they are employment or work, profession, skill, and others, to lead us to the well-known business, through the concept of sales world, where, through a careful and critical analysis, we understand that sales, as the author of the definition, poses it are referring to persuasion readers to take one or more actions that meet our goalsthat it might be a sale in the strictest sense of the word, i.e. the transfer of a product or service in exchange for money, but not limited to this. Raised well right? This paragraph makes me remember one of my first classes in marketing, where the Professor explained that when we arrange personally, well dressed, scented, or, in the case of the ladies, when they put makeup or combing of elegant way, is because we prepare to sell. Sell our image. The above does not mean that, literally, they are going to deliver money. It could be, give us a job, conduct a meeting, leading a group, etc. Similarly, when we do Copywriting for reach the sale, this sale may be referring to the acquisition by the reader of some product that we offer free, a course, a seminar, a book, etc.

by accessing a link that we conduct the reader. In its simplest expression, we could accept the concepts listed above as the pure meaning of the activity of the Copywriting. However, some people, making use of a more elegant style, wanted to go further, presenting us with Copywriting as the science and art of writing to promote or promote ideas, people, products and more. With this we can say that, when this goal is met, we have a good work of last Copywriting.Esto conforms more to the presentation of some authors regard of Copywriting, who have argued that this is simply the art of selling and that therefore, the purpose of the job of a copywriter is to sell and point. You can ask me for this series of articles on Copywriting in PDF format, and gladly I send you mail to me you indicate. This article may be reproduced and translated into any language, can be given and published on any website or blog, with the single condition that its original formatting, do not alter its content, its authorship. For a limited time I willing to give you the wonderful world of Blogging eBook, download it now.

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