World Science

These men were the inventors of all our arts, all our science. They were the creators of all our fundamental conceptions about the World Science and life. They were the first civilizadores, the first mariners, early settlers of the land. Their civilization was already an ancient civilization when the of the Egyptians started. His empire dated back to thousands of years until he could speak of Babylon, Rome or London. That missing people was our precursors.

The blood of those men run through our veins, the words that we use were, in its primitive form, which could be heard in the cities, in the palaces and temples of Atlantis. All the peculiarities of the breeds, the ethnic trunks, beliefs, all the memories of our thinking, lead us, in the final analysis, to Atlantis. We could express here the vote that modern civilized nations useless of its warships are, at last, an interesting target for cruise ships generally. The possibility of withdrawing from the bottom of the seas at least some remains of this civilization disappeared is should examine. Some parts of what was the Atlantis Island, for example, what the British maps call of Dolphim bank, lie just few hundred fathoms below the surface. In the close proximity to the archipelago of the Azores, the methodical exploration of the bottom of the sea, would certainly lead to some interesting results. Expeditions to retrieve some thousands of pieces of gold naufragadas in an ocean liner have been organized in different periods, and with large expenditures. Why not be can do the same to try to reach the missing wonders of Atlantis?

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