Philanthropy And Mobile

A charity gala isn’t one party either. Its organizers gather in so-called ideas to bring storms that make the Gala a success. An idea is to get a famous for each table, which is quite complicated because the famous flee tables without other celebrities. They introduced the Gala Starlite, held in Marbella, famous in a corridor without ventilation. There they had to wait their turn in the so-called photocall, heading folder in hand two unknown. The photocall directors, as defined, managed the famous flow that became dripping by the slowness of the process.

In the hallway, we squeezed Paloma caves, Eugenia Silva, Patricia Rato, La Union, Anne Igartiburu, Ivonne Reyes, Paula Vazquez, Elena Benarroch. More vip a Hall was a vip funnel. Famous for a tube. The directors preferred to call us celebrities, which is the word in in the Costa del Sol. Source of the news:: Philanthropy and mobile

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