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They warn about a new Trojan for Android system. Security companies have warned of Android users about a new threat of Trojan to this system, since it causes different damage, especially that performs various actions without the user is account.Recently published that the Android system the new target for hackers, this is due to the growing number of users of this operating system, this is why computer security companies are very to the slope on new threats arising for this operating system from Google. The new Trojan for Android is called ADROIDOS_NICKISPY.C, this deceives the user who pretends to be an application for Google, which has the same logo app but with Google ++ name. This system can record the user talks, answering calls and up to execute commands remotely via SMS as they explain in eweek.Mark Balanza, train Micro analyst explains that when you download applications the Trojan starts to operate, this threat known as NickiSpy can automatically answer the incoming calls and hide them so immediately when the call the configuration file of this Trojan activates silent mobile mode. The device apparently will be presented next month of September at the IFA in Berlin, until now only been unofficially announced some of its possible features, among these is that the phone will have a QWERTY keyboard, your processor could be an ARM Cortex A8 1 GHz, also would consist of 4 G LTE connectivity to connect to next generation networks. About your operating system, is not known if Gingerbread will come equipped with Android 2.3 or Honeycomb 3.2, the latest future version would make sense since it would make this somewhat more like a tablet phone.So we can see so far, this will be a device oriented public professional, especially for its large screen and QWERTY keyboard, features that don’t make it so recommended for those users looking for a simple device in to make this work is requires that the screen is off so that you can block the call and the single user will see the main page. This is not all, the Trojan may also have access to the mobile GPS system, lee sends SMS messages, blocks the keyboard and sends the mobile information to remote servers.

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