3. night of knowledge in Hamburg on November 7 / all events for the first time free / full program in the Internet Hamburg, September 30, 2009 to the Saturday, November 7, 2009, from 17: 00 until 24:00 the 3 Hamburg night of knowledge takes place. Science Senator, Dr Herlind Gundelach presented the extensive programme, as well as the various services INFERNO and other participants on September 30th together with the project planner. More than 60 universities, research institutes and other academic institutions offering 650 hands-on activities, experiments, discussions, exhibitions, live music, and lectures. Many programs are specially designed for children and young people.

For the first time, all events for visitors are free of charge! A network of shuttle buses on eight special lines connecting in 10-20 minutes-measure the various venues free of charge. Here the complete program and the bus route plan can be viewed now. An individual time and program Planner is available online in the next few days. The program booklet with all information There are many places in the city. Science Senator Dr.

Herlind Gundelach: With the night of knowledge, we want to show how spectacular, informative and colourful science can be. We want to inspire and encourage them to touch and join young people for scientific topics. The night of knowledge allows a look behind many otherwise locked doors and fascinating insights. Experience the unique atmosphere and go on your own journey of discovery. To do this I invite all citizens and citizens of Hamburg and the metropolitan region of Northern Germany!” Learn more about the night of the knowledge on the website. Press contact: Inferno events GmbH & co. KG Anne Hanna Tel.

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