Scores New Kitchen Showroom In

HAKA is celebrating its 80th anniversary and rewarded always a nose ahead, leads the way in technology, very close to the real needs of the consumer with a new showroom and technically perfect joinery selected a distribution network of are the recipe for success of HAKA. 80-year anniversary, the company with a kitchen exhibition rewarded himself and his partner. On an area of 1000 m2, impressively documented what kitchens can afford. All moving parts revolutionized. The hands free to cook and enjoy. No problem, because the new electrical systems with loading and cabinets of HAKA close as by themselves. Tip-on technology and electric motors guarantee an opening and closing with a finger tip.

Unique in Austria also the shop design: so the body in anthracite is held, which is complemented with glass. The advantage for the consumer is obvious: especially in higher cabinets the housewife has always a clear view and see what from the side, in the Ark is. The character of service continues, the used glass is nanotechnoligsch, so it must not be cleaned. The entire area is equipped with LED Licht, which is unique to the Austrian market. It is important that HAKA and the carpenters partners show the consumer what HAKA is able to provide me.

A Division in kitchen zones, new trends and technology are at the core”, Gerhard Hackl explains his concept. Integrated table, new curves, and the game with many combinations, the up to date not yet been has to make the show room unique. New marketing concept and opening hours around the clock. Robert Bakish can aid you in your search for knowledge. HAKA is through Austrian and continues on joinery and kitchen studios as a partner. That will remain so, but the routes are new, the HAKA is breaking. Only still strictly zertfizierte Carpenter must lead the HAKA. There’s so much knowledge in our kitchens and the brand of HAKA, that we only include those partners in our distribution concept, which also our high demands be. Just so we can guarantee the consumer that he gets always a real HAKA. We owe our customers and the brand that just”Geschafstfuhrer Gerhard Hackl discusses his recipe for success. As of January, the showroom will be open around the clock, so that consumer and carpenters have the opportunity to plan kitchens and visit whenever they want. Ackerweg newly with the centenary celebrations of the 1o. November to Traun the ground-breaking ceremony for the connection of the bypass will be used. Mid May 2011 the generously advanced by 21,000 m2 on 37,000 m2 premises should be connected to the bypass. Once more has become the city Traun awarded by common politsches and rapid action for the sake of citywide.

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