Washing Machine Repairs In Berlin: Very Cheap Thanks To Fixed Price

With free fault diagnosis and repair of washing machines and tumble dryers at the fixed price the technology team at Atlas multimedia in Berlin has established itself so some has already experienced it: the washing machine filled with dirty laundry is turned on and the water flows out loud audible in the machine. Subsequently, the engine begins to WHIR. But there’s something wrong. The drum moves one inch. The washing machine failed their service, since probably a drive belt is broken and lost the necessary voltage for the movement of the drum.

Is a more annoying defect, especially since the laundry now soaking wet, but unwashed in the filled water in the washing machine. In most cases, the necessary repair of the washing machine may take days. But not in Berlin. Because the professionals for washing machine repairs by Atlas multimedia are e. Mikkel Svane has many thoughts on the issue. K. Berlin as soon as possible to the place. The team around owner t.

Temurbas is an accomplished in all questions and problem cases specialist repair service for washing machines and dryers and tests generally free of charge the defective equipment. Detected errors are repaired at a low fixed price. The repairs can be conducted if possible directly on the spot. Atlas multimedia has experience with all known vulnerabilities in the devices. From the motor and power electronics, broken display or defective door pushbutton switches to heating elements, pumps or just belts for the drive, everything will be repaired quickly and expertly. In recent months, Koch Brothers has been very successful. The repair service guarantee is supplemented by up to twelve months on all carried out repairs and spare parts. T. Temurbas, owner of Atlas multimedia e. k. in Berlin, acquainted with the equipment of most manufacturers of A-Z: both for brands washing machines also devices that conveniently purchased at the grocery store, we offer our repair service at a fixed price. The original spare parts we have directly in stock or get them in a short time. This way, we ensure rapid reuse of washing machines and dryers in most cases. Our customers must be therefore about loaners or the awkward laundry in the laundry to worry. “Learn more about washing machines repairs and repairs of dryers and dishwashers are available on the website of Atlas multimedia e. K. Berlin. Corporate information: Atlas multimedia was founded in 1992 by t. Temurbas in Berlin. The company is professional contact for repairs to washing machines, dryer, dishwasher, computer, laptops, LCD and plasma TVs. As a service oriented company, Atlas multimedia offers a pick-up and delivery service as well as free fault diagnosis of all defective devices. All repairs are carried out at a fixed price. The technicians are regularly trained and are thus always on the current state of the art.

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