Social Net

Now it would like to raise here in this space another great question: But it will be that this asceno of the social nets and something positive or and something negative? Before answering to this question we go to analyze more the deep o concept of social nets a Social Net only exists with an objective to promote a relationship and an approach between the people correct? It depends where angle we are analyzing this concept that and so boarded in the Internet therefore before being a Social Net the Social Net and a site for economic exploration therefore was created for a private initiative let us think about this. But for one another side we can say that the social net and a tool created by means of the diverse academic studies spread by the world on the human behavior therefore a social net has as objective to promote relationships human it reflects on this. Now coming back our boarded question at the beginning of this reflection the social Nets can be the nightmare or the dream of any person everything so only depends on the way with that this person this using itself of this social net. The Social Nets also influence in the decisions politics of parents or same a region as we saw recently. But the paper of the social net and only these that we place here in this brief article? I leave this question as reflection on this subject that in contrast of what you can imagine does not finish in this article in contrast initiates with the end of this article. Andres Luis of Jesus Fonseca Site:

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