China Construction Bank

Fitch had put the entity in the Group of surveillance (with the possibility of reducing the qualification), for its strategy of international expansion. The changing global landscape made that what was regarded as a risk decision, becomes now an element that can contribute to the growth and expansion of the entity. In the first months of the crisis, while fell several banks around the world, the Spanish chaired by Emilio Booty, decided to go shopping and thus among the most relevant decisions acquired in Britain Alliance & Leicester and the network of offices and deposits retailers of Bradford & Bingley, reaching thus the third in deposits the English banking. In the U.S. he acquired Sovereign, with a strong presence in commercial banking in the northeast of the country through 747 offices. The entity also has operations in several countries in Latin America and in other European countries. The current strength of the Santander was demonstrated this week when she gave to know the ranking of most profitable banks in the world and the Spanish stood in third place with a benefit of 15.825 billion euros, improving seven positions compared to last year.

The importance worldwide of Santander is also reflected for currently being the seventh Bank in capitalization level. Three things that can be questioned to Santander have been the wrong decision to entrust their clients investments to Madoff, his exposure to Lehman Brothers and the suspension of reimbursement of the Banif Santander real estate fund, but knew how to solve them in a good way and in a short time. The latest addition to this entity that is watching the global crisis as an opportunity, has signed a commercial alliance with China Construction Bank which consist of opening 100 offices in rural areas in the Asian country. The key to the performance of the entity is its business model itself, supported by six pillars that are the focus in commercial banking with a wide coverage of branches, its geographical diversification, prudent risk management, cutting-edge technology at the service of trade efficiency, capital discipline and a good management team. In the wake of the global economic recovery, Santander is prepared to win markets and this represents in itself a great competitive advantage given the large number of entities which still struggle to solve the problems of their balance sheets.

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