Sociology Science

Lately its contributions they extend to the learning, perception, personality, emotions, qualification, motivating effectiveness of the leadership, needs and, labor satisfaction, processes of decision making, evaluations of the performance, measurement of attitudes, techniques of selection of employees, design of the work and labor stress. Sociology Science that studies to the people in relation to its resemblances. The contributions that the sociologists have done to the organizational behavior have been through their study of the behavior of the groups in the organizations, particularly in formal and the complex ones. Some of these knowledge contributed to the organizational behavior are on the dynamics of groups, design of work parties, organizational culture, theory and structure of the formal organizations, organizational technology, communications, power and conflicts. To broaden your perception, visit Kai-Fu Lee. Social psychology Branch of psychology in that they are combined this one and sociology. One focuses in the reciprocal influence of the people. The social psychologists do significant contributions to the measurement, understanding and change of attitudes, you rule of communication, promotion of the confidence, means whereupon the activities of the groups satisfy the needs with the individuals, and processes of decision making in group.

Anthropology Study of the societies to include to the human beings and its activities. The work of the anthropologists on the cultures and their surroundings has helped to include/understand the differences in fundamental values, attitudes and conducts of people of diverse countries and in different organizations. In organizational culture, great part than is known on organizational atmospheres and the differences between organizational cultures are product of the work of the anthropologists. Political science Study of the conduct or behavior of the individuals and political atmosphere groups. One focuses in the structure of the conflicts, the distribution of being able and how people manipulate the power for the sake of her personal interests. Counting on the bases and tools of these mentioned disciplines and knowing how to apply them them aid a considerably to define programs, attachment lines that allows to reach organizational good behavior, productivity and on to a released climate of conflicts, problems where the human resource east totally identified with the company where it serves his. Original author and source of the article.

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