Theological Sciences

Another fact that if it evidenced in this period was the appearance of some leaders religious, as many how much protestant catholics, in the medias, using itself of its institucional images and influences, almost that deflagrando one ' ' cruzada' ' politician-partisan against the political party of such candidate. But, they had not only tried to influence the electoral process, as well as they had affirmed of form liar and indecent who it was in favor of the release of the abortion, they had thus deliberated strict support to the adversary of such competitor. It is fact, that as much the current government, how much the continuity of it, presents and will present problems, if not excepting the critical ones that I have how much to the politics of assistencialismo through the variety of ' ' stock markets of this and that ' '. However, never as much social and economic advance was witnessed, oportunizando the son of the poor person to seat to the side of the son of rich in the same university, allowing access to the before surreais credits, and the dignity that goes since the acquisition of a job to the attainment of the proper house. The religion as one social pursuing that possesss the characteristic to add ethical values and principles, moral and, distinguishing as norteadora of the interests spirituals, in the life of its members. Already the politics if establishes as the normatizao of the relations of individuals and society, in its ideals and the aspiration of the common good. Therefore, he is surprising, when leader religious, to if dressing of one ' ' manto' ' fundamentalist, tries to manipulate the conscience of congregated its in a particular and institucional interest, instead of promoting the stimulaton to the debate of ideas and the free decision of the vote on the part of its fidiciary offices. Hliton Wagner M. of Vasconcelos. Bachelor in Theological Sciences for the College Good New Manaus – AM

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