South Africa

However this situation criticizes is product of the interests of the great occidental countries that bank and finance the local dictatorship, as well as for the discriminatory politics of the BM/FMI, that desestabilizou the economy of all the African countries that after national independences came if recouping. Many expressions are listened to as: my son was for Africa, of that city of Africa you lode etc. that to the times makes in them to inquire if we really are in full century XXI, where technology, medias etc. abundam and that to have the information, it is enough to enter in the Internet to have access to some information in such a way preventing the accomplishment of ackward questions and meaningless, not to be that these questions are made with other intentions or connotations. Africa or African in the direction does not exist where he is used. African citizen in the direction does not exist no called country Africa much less that is used. It is not pantry of the world of Africa, but yes pantry of the world of the South Africa, that is a country that is part of the African continent. No citizen of the African continent likes to be called African, because each one has its country and its citizenship. As the natural one of Brazil likes to be called Brazilian, of Spain as Spanish, it Japan as Japanese, in the same way the natural one of the Guin-Bissau likes to be called guineense, the Congo likes it to be called congols, Angola likes to be called Angolan, the Senegal it likes to be called senegals, the Nigria it and so on likes to be called Nigerian and none of them likes to be identified as African.

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