The Hydrogen

Reason why, from the vegetal microbes, bacteria, plants, trees, animal, oils, greasy animal, dung, organic sweepings and including origin fuels fossil, represents forms of matter obtained from the Biomass, which can be produced, be cultivated or be transformed into a series of forms to satisfy the needs with the man. 2. The geothermal energy, comes from the extraordinary thermal activity that owns the nucleus of our planet, which arrives at the surface in many parts, being like geologic phenomena and formation that allows the escape of a small part of the energy that comes from the center of our planet, but that is considerable considering our energy demand. The geothermal energy, is that one underground energy (in the form of heat), that identified and quantified, he is technical and economically usable to satisfy the energy requirements corresponding to the activities that the man realises (electrical and thermal energy). An initial disadvantage is that he is not available in all the places. 3. The energy of hydrogen.

This gas is a simple, abundant element in the nature and the universe, of clean combustion (it does not contain carbon); nevertheless, to find it is been pure is very rare, reason why (H2O) is necessary to extract using it diverse techniques to apply them to the water, but also it is comprising of fossil fuels (petroleum, natural gas). In the case of these last, it is necessary to extract of clean form the hydrogen. In case of the water, hydrogen by electrolysis is obtained, that consists of the application of electricity for the separation of the water components, also can be obtained it by means of heat (thermolysis), fermentation and inclusively be obtained the dissosciation of the water by means of the application of light (photolysis). At present, to obtain hydrogen in clean form. The most common form of use of the hydrogen is in the denominated fuel batteries, that are not another thing that to turn the chemical energy into electricity, which at the moment they are used like power plant in automobiles. The manufacturing major of batteries is Japan. A very important detail is that they are developing to studies and experimentation to obtain electrical energy from the glucose and fats, mainly to lower the price of the involved technology. Original author and source of the article

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