The Dimension

In this direction, it will be possible to demystify the governmental idea of development inculcado for some ministries and institutions, being given bigger to be able to the too much ministries and until the proper presidency of the country, being looked for other ways of development the way of one another paradigm. (BARROS, 2006, p.147) This new paradigm pointed for Barros follows a source in which the man is capable of if recognizing subject constructor and/or annihilator of the natural space, and in this process of recognition, reach the inquietude and the desire to change its reality in the direction of of the one meant to its actions. One meaning that its survival guarantees and what it is more important, the reach of a healthful life, by means of a culture of alimentary re-education, as well as the maintenance of the agricultural, industrial and commercial production, without bigger aggressions the nature. This proposal of active citizenship that permeia the scopes of the public politics is in the bulge of the social panorama demanding each time more of the man a conscience of the necessity of preservation of the natural resources, therefore the degradation of these will not only cause the most serious consequences compromising the subsistence of the man, but its proper existence, therefore in the intensity where it is, the trend is the nature to be deletada and in this process, the two elements that more are affected are air and water, the vital elements for the man. On this, Cachapuz (2005) suggests that the school while space of formation of the man develops programs of educative activities directed toward the dimension ' ' forgotten terra' ' , characteristic pointed for it to if relating to the areas of ambient degradation, detaching two .causing elements in this process: the ambient pollution and exhaustion of the natural resources, atrelados to the increasing process of urbanization and the extreme increase of the consumption stimulated for the advance of the technology and industrialization.

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