Strange Cultural Elements For Immigrant

Interestingly, after a time of being away from our country, our people and our culture back: we began to miss many things, including some that we never really missed or regularly consumed while still living there. It is very common when we’re still in our land, UNAA output to eat in a restaurant with friends, does not mean that we should eat a stew, melting pot, or a typical meal, and we always try new things and learn a little other cultures while at home. This is also due to the high penetration of International restaurants, a in our cities (some more than others.) So is the cultural side, it usually looks forward to the International Theater Festival, the occasional visits of famous works and international artists. Similar case in reference to publications, weeklies, magazines. But when we are no longer in our land, deeply turns a taste for many things in one way or another marked our childhood and grew us, or you feel the need to take those flavors, aromas and landscapes but had not every day, in our immigration status, seem to desire and yearn for more. Sometimes we dream or think about things that make us feel a little closer, silently calling those beautiful memories. I think that partly has to do with a normal process where we must realize all the good that was taken at that time and that somehow was able to exploit not max.

Perhaps for the simple fact of having everything within reach; as the saying goes you never know what you have, until you loose it. In other words, no longer yearn for what is foreign or what we have (because it is at hand), but on the contrary, we realized that our country has many positive things, that could well be compared to the delicacies and specialties of any other culture … just never had the opportunity to realize how much we should be proud of our land. All this, with a important nuance and balance difficult to achieve, as so often in life: the acrobatic act that involves living and enjoying the culture medium and taken into the new country, without forgetting the roots that make us who we are and live without obsessed with what is far. This could prevent us from creating new roots where they are raising our children is our future. Like everything in life, the multiple options and alternative experiences enrich us, but we have to be handled properly to play to our advantage and not become an anchor with no sense of a nostalgic past, but rather a positive and enriching memories fills us with pride.

Our work on the red phone is closer to these people and cultural roots, so it is not so marked that distance.

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