The Clutch

Intermittent braking, when the moment is weakened the pressure on the pedal more efficiently, the wheels begin to properly roll-back to the car handling. By the way, if intermittent inhibition demonstrates the wizard, you're moving behind, can not notice this, his brake lights are lit continuously. The driver works fast pedal on the verge of Hughes, so the full release wheels are not Reception is pretty effective. Features inhibition Foreign cars in recent years of issue are increasingly equipped with antilock brake system (ABS). It operates as follows: if in the process of braking any wheel becomes blocked, the sensor will immediately note the change of its angular velocity. The computer issues a command to disinhibited wheel to prevent further blockage. Sometimes this occurs at a rate of 10,115 times per second, brake pedal 'shakes' under foot.

As a result, the abs allows the driver to maintain control over the car. And yet, this system should not be overestimated, since the efficiency of inhibition depends not so much from her, but on coefficient of friction. So do not neglect the tires for the season. Some experienced drivers will disable the abs, more appropriate for beginners. This is not recommended: experience might bring.

You can slow down the engine, not turning off the ignition and transmission. Motor brake is recommended in the following sequence: reset the fuel supply without turning off the clutch, squeeze the clutch, to include a lower gear and re-enable the clutch. Car increase speed and will gradually slow down the speed.

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