Technological Search

The relation of the environment with the economy is the search for the support and the generation of new resources for the activity produced in prl of the development of one determined region, without its reursos are depleted, adaptando different conditions to satisfy the necessities of the population and the natural resources. Using of innovative techniques to this fast respect currently one has searched to reach resulted efficient how much to the extracted resources of the environment, the effectiveness of these methods is what cause the rotation in the economic system better generating quality of life it human being and for the planet. The challenge of the market can be agreed that the economy enters in conflict with the natural systems of the land, today is to revert these trends, before deterioration leads to a economic decline of long stated period as already it occurred in the past with previous civilizations. Brazil is one of the appraised countries more in what the race says respect for related technological innovation to the environment, also is in ranking of that more they emit gases that contribute for the esfeito greenhouse occupying the room place. The search for new ambient ethics has transformed the economy world-wide, to review support concepts and to implant the technological innovation in search of better quality of life, beyond generating support sources has exifgido critical action and reasoning the companies, its collaborators and community in general that it finishes being benefited through projects of socioambiental responsibility for the sustainable development. This economic revolution involves diverse coomponentes Inter – related between them: 1.Eficincia that minimizes energy material resources; 2.Reduo of the fsseis fuel dependence you did not renew in carbon and substitution for the power plants established proceeding from the sun, water and geothermal energy; 3.Reduo of the pollution and ambient degradation caused by products harmful chemistries; economic 4.Suficincia and politics in which the search in keeping a satisfactory balance ace basic necessities of all population uses economic systems to reward ecologically correct attitudes and to discourage the prejudice to the environment.

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