Technology Wi-Max

SUMMARY This study allowed to understand that promising bastante the WiMax technology of the point of view of accesses for nets without wire, poisestreita the concept of broad band in more remote and less accessible points, the distances. Its adoption on a large scale not yet is something certain, but the Internet technology is good quepossamos to know a possible candidate band largasem wire. Word-key: WiMax. Wireless. Broad band. ABSTRACT This studyhas allowed US you understand that the quit WiMax technology is promising interms of access you wireless networks, because it narrows the concept ofbroadband in the most remote and less accessible distances. Its adoption inlarge scale it' s not certain but its good that we can get you know possiblecandidate you the large broadband wireless technology.

Key-words: WiMax. Wireless. Large Broadband. 1 INTRODUCTION the technologies of net without wire and the constant search for novosmeios of connection in the search for a convergence bigger of data, voice and video vmtrazendo always new technologies or the renewal of technologies already of 2 the 66 GHz National Net of Ensinoe searches 3 FUNCTIONING the WiMax nets function in similar way to the one them redesBluetooth. The transmissions of data can arrive at 1Gbps to a distance deat 50Km (radial), with scientific studies to arrive 10Gbps. Ofuncionamento is seemed the one of the Bluetooth and the Wi-Fi (in the point of view of sertransmisso and reception of radio waves), used for communication entrepequenos devices of personal use, as PDAs, cellular telephones (telemveis) of new generation, portable computers, but also he is utilizadopara the communication of peripherals, as printer, scanners, etc. The WiMaxopera in band ISM (Industrial, Scientific, Medical) centered in 2,45 GHz, queera formal reserved for some groups of professional users. In the United States, band ISM varies of 2400 2483,5MHz. In the majority of> Europe, the same band also is available.

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