Mercedes-Benz – a subsidiary of concern Diamler-Benz, which was first announced itself in 1926 after the death of Gottlieb Daimler in 1900, the company has stepped into the possession of his siblings – Paul Daimler. Management firms while doing Wilhelm Maybach who for many years worked with Gottlieb and hunted one of the first cars. First car was the owner of the default location of the motor, located under the hood "in the neighborhood" with a radiator. Power 4-cylinder engine is 35 hp Gear kn "cooperated" with rear wheel drive. Name Mercedes first two-seater racing in the sample obtained after the daughter of Emil Jellinek race driver (one of the owners of the concern). In 1899, a modified Mercedes, running Jellinek, became the leader of the next races. Since then, a beautiful woman's name and became known as the entire range of cars from concern Daimler-Benz. RPervy edition supercharged engines, which are the opening of Mercedes, took place in 1921. Basic modification of the model motor 6 liters for korotkobaznogo chassis Model K (later Model S) was introduced in 1923. The impetus for the development of a fresh update: Model ss with an engine volume of 7 liters and 200 hp, 50 wins were the cars of these models in the competition in 1928. The first half of the 40's brought a Mercedes at a furious amount of orders for luxury cars. Model 600, released in 1963, was conceived as a competitor representative class of the company Rolls-Royce. Modern Mercedes S600, the owner of a 6-liter 12-cylinder, has an amazing capacity, reliability and agility, regardless of the "decent" size. Currently, After more than a century, the company Mercedes-Benz continues to occupy a leading position in the automotive industry. quality cars from the stellar group with three-beam star own well-deserved title of leader of the automotive industry. Author of the article (Mercedes in Moscow)

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