Technologies of Information and Communication

The contributions of the Technologies of the Information and Communication in the process and education and learning of the Farming Course Technician in of the Araguatins Campus of the IFTO in the period of 2009 the 2010. Gilvanio Alves Pear tree Specialist in Technologies of the Education Master in Sciences of the Education (Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of the Tocantins) Summary This study has as objective to analyze the contributions of the technologies of the information and communication in the process of education and learning in the Course Technician in Farming of the Araguatins Campus of the Federal Institute of the Tocantins in the period of 2009 the 2010 its reach is to characterize such and which if of the one in the reality, the influence of the new technologies in the process teach-learning of the Araguatins Campus of the IFTO. Two techniques if had used to collect given: interview with the director of the Department of Educational Development and questionnaires applied to the professors of the school, the professionals technician and to the learning of the course of technician in farming. results reflect the presence of computer science laboratories, existence of other audiovisuais resources and technology, lack of qualification of the professors and technician in relation to computer science, and finally, the unpreparedness of the majority of the professors in dealing with these new technologies. As conclusion, it can say that the mentioned components evidence fragilities that need revision to reach the quality in the formation of the learning and the consequent improvement waited for the pertaining to school community. Word-key: Technologies, Teach-Learning, Education. Abstract This study aims you analyze the contributions of information and communication technologies in teaching and learning process in technical course in Agriculture Campus Araguatins Federal Tocantins Institute in the period 2009 you the 2010 within reach is featuring it you donate in reality, the influence of new technologies in the teaching-learning process of Araguatins IFTO Campus.

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