Technology and Environment

How the Technology can protect/to destroy the Environment where lives? The power to destroy, the power to create. The power that the current society has to destroy reached a scale without precedents in the history of the humanity. this power is to be used, almost systematically, to cause a destruction insensata in the whole world of the natural life and its material bases. Our life is closely on to the resources that our planet offers: air, water, land, minerals, plant, animals. The extension of the human impact on the Land depends on the number of existing people and the amount of used resources.

The maximum use of resources that the Planet or one determined region can support defines its provision capacity. This capacity can be increased by agriculture and the technology, and generally this occurs to the cost of the reduction of the biological diversity or the disturbance of ecological processes. The provision capacity is limited by the capacity of the recompor nature of if or absorbing residues in safe way. Our civilizations today are threatened because we use the resources badly and we disturb the natural systems. We are pressuring the Land until the limits of its capacity.

Since the beginning of the industrial age, the number of human beings was multiplied and this increase in the amount of human beings and its activities it had a great impact on the environment. The diversity of life in the Land diminished. In less than two hundred years, the planet lost six million squared kilometers of forests. It has a great amount of lands consumed for the erosion and the volume of sediments in the rivers more grew three times in the main basins and eight times in the used lesser basins and. The atmospheric systems had been disturbed, generating a threat to the climatic standard, the immense garbage accumulations, industrial dejections and wastefulnesses,the pollution invaded our air, our land and our water and became an increasing threat the health.

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