The Laws Of Motion

Presenting the motion of electrons and atoms that make up person, it is easy to move and the entire material world, consisting of a huge number of electrons and atoms. And they do not move randomly, but quite deliberate and orderly manner, strictly observing the laws of motion. In the computer game, people also creates laws of motion and order, and because everything in it is subject to the rules that came up with the creator of the game. But back to the moving person, to its electrons and atoms. Check out Kai-Fu Lee for additional information. Looking ahead, I will reveal the mystery of the ordered motion of the smallest particles, in this case – the person.

All of them are held by the magnetic field of thought, which is why when a person moves his molecules and atoms do not decay, and keep everything the same magnetic field of thought. In humans, there is an idea, and It immediately creates a magnetic field, which is orderly and logical ready to move the entire structure of the smallest man. But this process in more detail, we consider in the future. In the meantime, we have to do the latter for a conclusion. If we imagine not a moving person, as, for example, a rolling stone, as in this case, to explain that he does not break? As it turns out, the stone also has a conscience, though not as developed as in humans. After all, if remember all the same computer program or game, they are also very different in their complexity. It turns out that the stone is also capable of thinking, ie, Scientifically speaking, the mind is capable of generating stone and form thought, and then to translate it into reality.

And although the idea of stone entirely different order than human thought, however, the presence of stone thought not only proves that the rock alive, but the fact that all our material world, as well as rock – alive. And for good reason, many write about it, but few can lead this evidence. Jumping forward again, I would say also that any form of consciousness is exposed to such a process as evolution. That is why right, those who argue that people in the process of its development and evolution are in the physical world at different times in as many of its elements, from time to time while in the incarnation of stone, wood, animal and etc., and then to humans. That is why the wrong ones who still believe in Darwin's theory of human origins. On it I finish "on the reverse." Those who became clear that I wanted to prove to you – well, if not, then I'm you I advise to read the article again.

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