Thought Helps Emotion

Human health is very important that the hierarchy of bodies observed. Easier – to have all of the body lived in harmony. And it requires a high level of consciousness tel. And how to determine the harmony between the bodies? Every body in the force historical reasons, has a tendency to a particular, favorite pastime. Physical body – loves to lie than to walk or do physical labor. Preference for flour and sweets to fruits and vegetables, can not do without meat and do not like to starve. Astral responsible for the senses and reacts to sensory stimuli, also wants food, and his food is to the emotions experienced by the people. Each people predpochetaet certain kind of emotion. Some like it very strong feelings and want to receive them regularly. This body also did not want to stay in balance, and when long life is quiet inside begins emerge discontent, which wants on someone to vent. Mental body manifests its activity in the form of thoughts that we can watch. It is these thoughts keep us awake at night. And if you were happy, and then all the more disturbing and thoughtful! This is the 'order' of the lower body – the astral, which today is not enough emotion. And at work the opposite – any ideas! You ought to come up with something, but nothing does not occur. So show your 'Character' mental body. It is already chooses when and what to think, and not subject to the will of man.

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