Tools for the Installation of Pipes

Press tool is one of the most recent developments with a reliable and surface technology for incredible performance. By pressing understood bilateral compression of the material. At present, day question the need for a press-tool just do not challenge, especially when it comes to work related to the installation of heating systems and plumbing. Press tool can significantly increase productivity by increasing the speed of installation. To date, there are following types of press tools: battery and electro. Pipe can be easily occur independently of its diameter.

One of the most important appointments a press tool is safe and reliable connection of pipes with fittings. Reliable compression tube is capable of providing robust and durable connection. With the pressing tool can be easily and with high efficiency to combine copper, stainless, aluminum, steel, plastic pipes with fittings. Pipe diameter varies from 12 to 108 mm. Press tool is perfect for work in cramped and confined spaces. Press gun electromechanical provides when performing a reliable and durable connection that does not require additional lifting and control over time, can withstand strong pressure (10 bar), and the installation is carried out as quickly and easily. From all said above we can conclude that the use of electromechanical press – the gun can effectively save money, reduce operating costs and extend the life of the system.

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