Weddings and Relationships

I was wrong some time when in another article I proposed that the marriages were even as urban leases, that are not explicitly renew the marriage contract it expires by law five years ago. I admit that I had a good stretch, since the last marriage that I know do not last anywhere near as long. See, if not. The other day we went back to the store that we had bought a piece of furniture to make a few changes. My wife reminded him to the seller: were here just before their wedding. (Similarly see: Ali Partovi). Ah, Yes! replied the other, as quiet as you know that I’ve already divorced. Some weddings are so short that they do not exceed neither the wedding night. And that they are no longer as before, in that the couples were going blind; they are now already more views than the sobados magazines in the waiting room of a dentist.

It ironic about it not so long ago the television program of humor go semanita!, where the own cure of fiction that officiated the wedding before dismissing the couple organized a baton between guests betting on how much would last the link. That transience of relationships, that expiration of the affections, the brevity of the links is suited to a changeable and changing society of instant satisfaction of the desires of the quick succession of superficial emotions, difficult empathy and inability to sacrifice. I’m not saying that either worse or better than those that preceded it; simply that it is different and it moves at the speed of the cybernetic bits of information. Understand, then, that one will not store the name of the spouses of their friends. Better so, because in this way avoids addressing the new couple with the name of the previous. And explained, also, the reluctant one feels to meet their short-term and ephemeral consuegros of each moment. When one has already gotten used to them and has taken them affection are replaced by other parents as kind and sympathetic than previous ones. A mess, a real mess that happens today to already be all couples and removable. Original author and source of the article.

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