Online Games

At the same time for the same $ 100, we get as a gift: the removal of an advertising banner, the ability to add e-mail form files (very convenient when the user can not add your own design through a standard form), and second-level domain (. RU, if the service will pay for one year). In addition, the system created so that users would just talked. The site of the individual modules, you can easily create a forum. After all, a forum is the same module. But unlike other systems here at uCoze, a forum is created very simply, as the site.

Design is edited the same way. A separate module is provided "Guestbook", where visitors have expressed their opinions and suggestions in your address, make positive and critical feedback. A very attractive feature comments. After reviewing almost any material, you can comment on it, and it's great! The system platform uCoz-best place to create amateur draft. Those who do not have enough knowledge to set programming, html, css – should be grateful to the creators of this remarkable system, because they were able to create their own websites. Moreover, those who can not create their own designs or who simply do not have time – could use the templates, which are sufficiently show your site in an attractive and finished form. Many creators, authors, websites there is a problem of attracting users. It turns out that those materials that you think seem interesting – others are not needed. To attract users banal, you can use ready-made modules such as "Test", "Online Games", etc.

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