You Feel Vanessa N. – Pulse

You can feel the new single by Vanessa Neigert – Vanessa Neigert pulse ignites the Turbo of your singing career with your new single “Do you feel the pulse”. If you think Vanessa would stroll in the petticoat on the stages of your life, made a mistake greatly. It is also different: less oldie of more modern pop. Modern and galant it occurs, she can feel the sound of the song considerably. “You can feel the pulse” is a serious competition song for the works of Helene Fischer, Andrea Berg, Beatrice Egli. Who has heard the song, has internalized the melody, and the pulse beats in the bar. Vanessa Neigert stands with two legs in the musical life.

She’s not a girl anymore, no 16-year-old teenager who seek his fortune on the stages of RTL. Meanwhile, Vanessa Neigert is a brilliant 21-year-old young woman with the timbre of a mature singer and the extraordinary love of German music. Vanessa was born in Italy in 1991. As the daughter of two high-wire artists her birthplace however, is more a coincidence than planned. Her parents traveled professionally by the whole world, because suddenly it was Italy, where Vanessa saw the light of day. But not only the many countries and languages are adventurous in their lives. 2009, Vanessa was still 16, she sees a TV trailer for the popular casting show “Germany sucht den superstar” (DSDS). Her musical upswing which continues today began with this trailer.

She successfully participated at “American Idol” and finished sixth with her exotic talent and its authentic look cool. 5 Years later, is in contrast to many other members of the show, still in the business. She released their fourth album in the spring of 2014. The emotional power woman waived now largely on cover versions. Much more frequently, you will find also modern songs in their repertoire, as well as the new single “Do you feel the pulse”. Just “100% Vanessa”. “Do you feel the pulse” is full of pure emotions and powerful feelings. A suspicious hit hit with the voice a not only acoustically,. but also visually more grown-up and more modern-looking Vanessa Neigert: new song new look. Without that she would have changed their habits, the sturdy teenager has transformed into a radiant Swan finally. You swim much and is often in nature, eat but still always liked sweet. If they create to continue special songs that it granted her. Will Fiesta of records released the song about the successful party pop label (Andreas Rosmiarek, LC No.: 02000). Available since the 11.10.2013 on all download portals! Source: event agency Beverly GmbH about Vanessa Neigert on or contact: event agency Beverly GmbH Andreas Rosmiarek Managing Director Homburger str.

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