Borg Warner Eco Launch Solenoid Valve

The eco launch solenoid valve by BorgWarner is a finalist in the category of ‘Product’ at the prestigious Automotive News PACE Awards 2014 firmly. Auburn Hills, Michigan, 23.10.2013 – the eco-launch solenoid valve by BorgWarner is a finalist in the category product”at the prestigious Automotive News PACE Awards 2014 firmly. Eco launch solenoid valves improve fuel consumption and help stop-start systems, allowing a smooth start on reboot. BorgWarners innovative eco launch solenoid valve improves performance values and costs considerably less than comparable models, so manufacturers can easily offer their fleet of vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions with a stop start option. BorgWarner focuses on innovation. Our new eco-launch solenoid valves improve performance and fuel efficiency, deliver a high level of comfort and can be quickly implemented by manufacturers,”says James R. Verrier, President and Chief Executive Officer, BorgWarner. Once again we are honored in this year’s Finalists of the prestigious PACE Awards to be.

” Vehicles that are equipped with stop-start systems, switch off the engine when not in saving fuel depending on the driving situation between three and ten percent. Starting current stop-start systems in vehicles with automatic transmissions, but can cause a back or rolling backwards, because the oil pressure is missing to enable the switching elements of the transmission. BorgWarner’s experts have developed a low-noise valve with high flow rate and tightness that has a hydraulic accumulator. Already in less than 0.33 seconds, the vehicle is ready for use after the start of the rapid growth of the oil pressure of hydraulic storage engine. The eco launch solenoid valve improves performance values for automatic transmissions, which already have a stop start function and is much cheaper than comparable models. Due by the easy-to-integrate design vehicle manufacturer this technology can later vehicles Automatic transmission includes dual-clutch transmissions, automatic transmissions or CVT expand. Patents are pending on this technology and a leading automotive manufacturer has already decided for the use of the eco-launch solenoid valve in many of its transmission. In the automotive industry is the PACE Award, one of the world’s most prestigious awards and recognizes automotive suppliers for their outstanding innovation, technological progress and excellent business services.

“PACE stands for premier automotive suppliers’ contribution to excellence”. The prize is awarded by the automotive news, Ernst & young and the Transportation Research Center Inc. The 20 Awards will take place on 7 April 2014 in Detroit. Since 2005, BorgWarner seven PACE won awards, four PACE innovation Partnership awards, as well as a space environmental award. About BorgWarner Inc. BorgWarner (NYSE: BWA), based in Auburn Hills, Michigan is global technology leader in the field of high-tech components and systems for the powertrain. The company maintains Manufacturing and technical facilities in 57 locations in 19 countries and developed products to reduce fuel consumption, reduce emissions and increase performance. Customers include VW / Audi, Ford, Toyota, Renault / Nissan, General Motors, Hyundai / Kia, Daimler, Chrysler, Fiat, BMW, Honda, John Deere, PSA, and you. For more information see

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