Yuri Gagarin

Draw a portrait of my mother a drug addict. It has long we have been able to draw a portrait of my mother a drug addict, or a gamer, or an alcoholic. This woman will give everything to your child. Absolute altruistka. You just say that this is the ideal mom. Practice shows that it is not. Mom obyazana teach their child to take care of yourself, love yourself last. My mother was not an example for your child how to love yourself.

This woman is the moon. It is cold, is not able to love. And his it puts the child in full dependence on ourselves. Educating for a ban is not justified. It is wise to cultivate a spirit of freedom.

Necessary priorities. Do what is useful and profitable. Once a drug is not useful so why should I be with him contact. Absolute trusteeship generates a weak, dependent person. The fact that the alcoholic son to her advantage. And in 40 years not let go, otherwise it will disappear. You have to be fed, because the money propyl. Maybe little son would be better off without food, may, as it comes before him, that booze is not profitable. There is a psychological term cutting the umbilical cord. I’ve seen a bird being kicked out of the nest pozroslevshih chicks. Many people have had matching this world rituals. Slovenian people are no exception. ‘All up to you. ” I’m sure you prmesh the right decision. We can give praise, even with the front. Needed resource of confidence. Good teachers are strict teacher. Difficulties make us man. Who needs a person is not able to endure the difficulties? My will to be, I would give the title heroine’s mother for money. There was a mother of many children Ovechkin, with his brood made hijacking, murder, where there heroism? Maybe mom Yuri Gagarin real hero?

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