The Spam

Since then, this also is to have a popular page, but let’s understand by web popularity, an approximation to the pages that are linking to us. As a result, our goal is that we linken other pages. Add page to all the search engines and directories that we know, both small and large, add our link on pages that allow adding links, either by category or theme, the net is full of web sites that allow us to add our link. Find suitable sites, with the idea of increasing the web popularity, is not easy; However, we can test on any search engine like google to search type strings suggest link suggest link, add link, add link; and even in English link, add link suggest and we will find a lot of pages in which to be able to add our website, although not all will be adequate. And, at least for me, this is the most boring work of web promotion, having to register a website repeatedly and continuously in a large number of sites, having to do the same thing over and over again; Although there are that thinking has many benefits to our goal of getting visits. All this is not advisable to pay in any case, they are not bad the free services of some pages that send us our urls to a few seekers, but pay is not necessary; If we pay, we will get more spam than links to our web, sad, but if so, better to think twice before putting any mail account which you have appreciation, always is better to create any account spam for this type of registration, and then see how saturated spam, spam and more spam. This we are interested in having it well controlled, if we have to endure the spam that does not bother us, our goal is an effective web promotion, which does not cost us money, nor make us lose more time than necessary. Train direct responsibility for generating traffic to your web site rests with you.

Therefore need to be trained and fast. There is no better place to do this that visit forums about positioning in search engines and sites like the Milenium. You need to read, read and Read more before you start to ask the appropriate questions. Likewise, take what you read with reserve. Just because a person says things are one way, does not mean that he or she has the absolute truth. We are convinced that there is a lot of misinformation, even within the own forums, for the purpose of keeping people confused, both customers and the competition itself. If you read enough about the subject, will succeed understand the because of the things.

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